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1 to 3 year; Ratio 1:5

Through consistency and quality teacher/child interaction, our goal is to provide security first; laying the foundation for future positive social and emotional development. Their bodies and minds are developing so quickly, they are allotted ample time to master their emerging skills in all areas of development! You will find our teachers on the floor most of the day ~ with open arms to run to ~ while children are “figuring out” the world around them! Lots of dancing, jumping, laughing, climbing, singing, stories, finger painting and quality one-on-one interactions are going on with these little ones ~ and most important ~ play!

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3 to 4 years; Ratio 1:8

Through peer interaction and teacher guidance, developing positive social & emotional skills is a huge focus. Activities to encourage optimal growth in all developmental domains are planned daily to go with our monthly themes. Through plan-do-review activities, daily one-on-one interaction with our teachers, and many “hands-on” self-initiated activities, children gain cognitive skills essential for later learning. Children will “work” daily on language & literacy, math, science, lengthening attention span, social & emotional coping skills, and gross & fine motor enhancement. This will all be done through child’s play ~ Songs, games, stories, balls, blocks, dance, arts & crafts, experiments, tumbling, sensory tables, and of course, play!



4 to 5 years; Ratio 1:12

More academically structured, our pre-kindergarten class emphasizes more of a classroom environment, preparing the children for kindergarten. Daily one-on-one instruction, activities and crafts emphasize numbers and the meaning of math, letters and their sounds, correct writing skills, understanding cause-and effect, focusing for longer periods, and following directions. Many “hands-on”, self-chosen activities offer an active learning environment ~ while gross & fine motor activities are extended and incorporated daily. Social and emotional skills continue to be practiced and guided in a positive way to encourage success in their school-age years. Don’t worry ~ there’s still plenty of time for lots of fun & play!

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School-age children

Up to 12 years; Ratio 1:15

Need before and after school care for your school age kiddos? What about when school is closed during spring, winter, and summer breaks? We offer a nuturing environment filled with activities such as:

  • Supervised outdoor/indoor play
  • Group and cooperative activities
  • Sports, games, and crafts
  • Home-work (upon request) occupies school-age 
  • Swimming, bowling, skating, hiking, parks, and museums
  • Special planned tours and excursions


Faith Lutheran Preschool seeks to reach children and their families with the love of Jesus. In partnership with parents, we will nurture in children a vibrant faith in Jesus and prepare them for entrance into elementary school using developmentally appropriate academic curriculum, daily devotions, and chapel activities.

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